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VERSATILE Coffee Brewer 250ml

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250mL pour-over coffee maker

"à la française" pour-over system for coffee lovers. www.00-01.coffee

This pack contains


This set is composed of :

-One BOTTLE : double layer isotherm bottle (500mL) (Ref. BOT50CL) with its stopper

-One AntiDrip : Silicone accessory (Ref. EVEIL40BRN) 


-One FILTER : the finest quality double layer stainless steel filter (Ref. FILTER125MM)


This bottle with a capacity of 500mL is made of borosilicate glass and can resist to 100°C.

Thanks to its insulated double wall, and with its hermetic stopper (with silicone rubber sealant), this bottle keeps the beverage temperature and the aromatic flavours for a very long time. Its large bottleneck facilitates the cleaning ; the bottle can also stand by itself for an easy drying.

The "Eveil" top silicone rubber accessory, is anti-drip for the best service !


Essential accessory : it is the link between the bottle and the filter. It has been designed to lie on the silicone rubber Eveil accessoy of the caraf. Its 60 degres angle is studied to make the best flow while dripping the water on the coffee, for the best extraction.

After the last drope has drained out, the GLASSCONE can be removed to make the service with the bottle only, closed with its hermetic stopper.


New generation Filter dedicated to make an aromatic pour-over coffee like a Barista

Its unique design made of a double layer stainless steel (an external proforated sheet, and an ultra thin mesh inside) lets all the aromatic flavours to cross the filter without beeing alterated, and stop the finest particules to avoid any of them in the cup.

This filter lets pass through it the natural oils present inside the coffee, unlike a regular paper filter keeping them involving  a lack of the rich natural taste of each coffee bean.

This set was created to make the best balance between acidity and bitterness.

Ecologic, it is life time washable and reusable: no necessary to buy disposable paper filters anymore.

You want to know more about the system? www.00-01.coffee

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Main material
Borosilicate glass
Main material
silicone rubber
Main material
stainless steel

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