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Coffee set with GlassConeMulti


Pour-Over coffee as you like!

This pack contains


This coffee dripper was designed by Silodesign™ to brew the specialty coffee at "Le Café par Alain Ducasse".

The new GlassConeMulti design has been developed to keep a constant warterflow, and a regular water movement. This new hydrodynamic shape was inspired by helicopter blades, to naturally move the water in one direction only.

Also the general dimensions have been optimized to allow either prefered paper filters (Hario® and Chemex®), as well as also our very special sustainable Silodesign®'s finest quality double layer metal filter! (filters are not inclued in this pack)

The small bottle with spout is very stable and also insulated . The stopper is inclued with the bottle.

The double wall NeoClass cup is offered as gift with the set.


Data sheet

Main material
Borosilicate glass

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