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MODULE: simple bottle part

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In 2019, Silodesign™ brings a series of innovations to the double wall glassware!

Our patented MODULES are made of several independant shapes (made of single layer items). 

MODULES can be combined in order to build several kind of containers: cups, mugs, glasses, verrines, bentos, carafs, bottles...  

MODULES can be used separatly or combined.

•  Great possibility of combinations with simple base resistant shapes. (7 shapes are available today)

•  The insulated thermo protection is still guaranted for most of the combinations.

•  Modules can be customized: a decotation (paper or other) can be inserted inside.

•  The silicone rubber ring «ICE» (inner circular element) is unbreakeable, removable and available in different colors. It as been designed to equalize the pressure in order to prevent a separation of the elements in high pressure (heating), or a breakage in depressurization (cooling).

•  Economic: I case of breakage, you can replace one simple part of your double wall MODULE combination only! (Cheaper than buying a new regular double wall glass blown in one piece)

> Simple Glass base not incl.


Data sheet

Product diameter
Main material
Borosilicate glass
silicone rubber

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