Sustainable Teapot 1000ml (black)


Large capacity sustainable teapot.


This teapot will infuse the best teas, with the Silodesign's finest quality sustainable stainless stell double layer filter.

This new filter technology by Silodesign has a micrometric mesh inside the filter. This mesh (a very thin stainless steel fabric) will allow the water and flavours to pass through, but all the particles will be kept inside the filter. This filter is very easy to clean!

The result is a very clean cup, very a tea perfectly infused

The teapot is delivered with the EVEIL nec, antidrip, and very precise for the service. You won't loose a drop!

Disposed on its silicone base, you can orient the teapot at all the directions, as you wish, vertical or tilted.

And who doesn't dream of some accessories easy to use, and more important, can be used in different ways ?!

>It is also a fanstastic wine decanter, thanks to its large capacity, you can aerate your wine bottle in a wink. Its particular rounded shape allows you to circulate gently the wine while swirling, for an optimum oxygenation. The edge of the spout is anti-drip.

 > It is made in borosilicate glass, which is resistant to hot drinks (100°C), so you can easily use it as the teapot and infuse your tisanes. The anti-drip spout which was made in silicone can protect you from the heat during the service. Heat resistance 100°C.


Data sheet

Product diameter
Main material
Borosilicate glass

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