Glass box 90mm

Small glass box, to keep safe your spices, or to present a tiny dish !

More details

Paris silver button (50mm)
Paris gold button (50mm)
Stem 40mm Black
Stem 40mm Green
Stem 40mm Red
Stem 90mm White
Stem 90mm Black
Stem 90mm Gold
Stem 90mm Silver
Stem 90mm Red
Stem 90mm green
Ball 18mm White
Ball 18mm Black
Ball 18mm Green
Ball 18mm Red
Ball 12mm White
Ball 12mm Black
Ball 12mm Green
Ball 12mm Red

Very funny and mysteriouse, this box can be used as a "cocotte" to present you preciouse dish (resist 100°C).


To make this item even mose special, you can choose the silicone button within 25 different shapes and colors !


Make an individual verrine for each guest !

  • Qty of items per box : 1
  • Height : 40mm
  • Diameter (ext) : 90mm
  • Microwave : yes
  • Dish washer : yes
  • Material : borosilicate glass & silicone
  • Cover/Lid included : yes