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Bowls & Bubbles by Silodesign


  • dinosaur eggs

    Arts containers made in the south of France to highlight your unique receipes.

  • glass eggs

    Silodesign's glass Eggs

    Glass eggs series for you best receipes.

  • bubbles

    Bubbles are funny and easy bowls, resistant made of borosilicate glass. They can be oriented on their colorful silicone rubber base.

  • half-sphere bowls

    Half Spherical bowls on the silicone base are free use and joyful items.

  • Original double layer bowls

    An isotherm bowl to keep you food warm or cool !

  • jewel bowls

    Jewel bowls by Silodesign.

  • appollo

    Les contenants Apollo par Silodesign Paris

    Apollo's containers by Silodesign Paris

  • cocotte

    Cocotte by Silodesign

    Cocotte by Silodesign Paris

  • reverso

    Reverso can be used in the two positions !

  • bees bento

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